underwater photo gallery

Seattle Motorcycle Show 2006

2006 Digital Shootout

March 2005 Wetpixel Shark Expedition

Nautilus Explorer
- Aug 2005 Port Hardy
- Nov 2004 La Paz
- May 2004 Transpac
- March 2004 Tech
- Nov 2003 Gulf Islands
- May 2003 QCI
- March 2003 Tech
- April 2002 Hakai Pass
- Aug 2001 Port Hardy

Hornby Island
- Jan 2006 Sea Lions
- Jan 2005 Sea Lions

      Sea Lion Study!
- Feb 2003 Sea Lions

Nanaimo, BC
- July 2004
- July 2003

Puget Sound
- Aug 2003 South Sound
- July 2003 South Sound
- Aug 2002 Alki & Olive

Lake Crescent
- July 2004 TriMix Class

- Nov 2003 Cozumel
- Dec 02 Grand Cayman

Key West, Florida
- Feb 2004 RV Tiburon

Faith's 50th Birthday
Mike's Israel Trip 2004

New Home Updates

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Welcome to my web site! I've been taking pictures for about as long as I can remember and really got enthusiastic about it when I took my first b&w darkroom class in high school. My enthusiasm has grown and subsided a number of times over the last twenty five years, and each time it grows again it seems to coincide with whatever my latest other hobbies or interests are. Currently I'm thriving on scuba diving in the pacific northwest, but occasionally as time and funds permit, there are a few warm water trips where I get to lug all my gear through various airports in this hemisphere.

For now I'm just going to post underwater or dive trip related images on this site. Over time I hope to expand with some of my other travel and nature photography from my recent past. Don't worry, I won't bore you with my old high school b&w prints. Luckily they're long gone to the great circular file of achievement.

some of the links to the left point to my pbase galleries. over time I'll be moving them over to this site so please bear with me until this is complete. thx.

ms - 1/20/14

In Memory of
Peter Steinberg